@impacteduk is a community for educators to discuss and debate the innovations and practices in education and evaluate them against research for impact on children’s learning. It is a community interested in evidence and rigour. This is not the place for anecdotes and opinions, unless they are to stimulate discussion. This is a community where people are respected, and ideas are evaluated critically.


@impactEduk was conceived by Peter Yeomans @ethinking.

He wrote a recent blog to float the idea:

“I need a group of peers who are more interested in the beauty of our field, the body of knowledge that exists, who want to share & develop ideas, attribute credit, not boast about stealing or pass others ideas off as their own.  So I’m proposing an evolution and a new totem:  #ImpactEduk or Impact in Education. (@impactEduk) It’s not a perfect title but it will do.”

This community has no “owner”. Peter is the custodian until it gathers enough momentum to manage itself.  Peter has a vision to enable a group of those who hold its values most dear to look after the integrity of the community.


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