@impacteduk is a community for educators to discuss and debate the innovations and practices in education and evaluate them against research for impact on children’s learning. It is a community interested in evidence and rigour. This is not the place for anecdotes and opinions, unless they are to stimulate discussion. This is a community where people are respected, and ideas are evaluated critically.



Anyone may contribute an idea to be debated and explored.

We are committed to exploring evidence and research.

We gather together to discuss, critique and explore  ideas.

We are objective, leave our opinions out of discussions and concentrate on what we know and can verify.

We archive and curate a legacy of evidence and research in each of the areas we explore.

We use the hash tag #impactEduk to share and discuss the understanding we develop.

We work hard to become an echo chamber of valid ideas, demonstrating impact, not half truths and opinions.

By using the #impactEduk hash, a member accepts that they might be challenged on the rigour and integrity of their comments.

We attribute ideas to their source and seek the root of all ideas as part of our discussions.

We support each other, collaborate and seek to establish evidence to develop all learners.

All are welcome



2 comments on “Values

  1. Carol Allen
    July 15, 2012

    We are supportive, collaborative and seek creativity of communication for all learners and learning.

    • peteyeo
      July 15, 2012

      Added but not sure what you mean about the creativity bit….

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